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You stroll along the cliffside, gazing hundreds of feet down into the caldera, where the sea glitters like diamonds. The sunset bathes you in a warm glow as you dine on fresh fish with a view from a dream. As the stars blanket the sky, the nightlife begins. The next day, you explore the ruins of Akrotiri, marvel at the frescoes from ancient Atlantis, discover the whitewashed Cycladic villages, and then relax on the black sand beaches. This is Santorini. This is paradise. This is your honeymoon. Combine your stay on Santorini with four nights on the mainland or another heavenly isle: Rhodes, Crete, Limnos, or Chios. Each itinerary is tailored to different interests, so whether you are looking for cosmopolitan nightlife, cultural enrichment, or a quiet resort, we have what you’re looking for.
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