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If you wish to cruise the majestic waters of the Mediterranean, but a typical cruise ship is not your style, then perhaps an adventure on a modern-day clipper ship would fulfill all your fantasies! One option is to sail the Tyrrhenian Sea, with glorious ports of call such as magical Capri, the volcanic Aeolian islands, and Sicily, home of tempestuous Mt. Etna. Why not combine such an itinerary with a stay in Sorrento, where you can explore the gilded shores of the Bay of Naples? Or perhaps visit Tuscany and Umbria, where you will have a chance to explore the hilltops in the green heart of Italy. If Italian pleasures and an adventure on a tall ship are what you wish, then we shall make that wish come true! On the other hand, you might wish to sail the Aegean, and who wouldn’t? The sea glitters with hidden gems such as Sifnos and the Dalyan River alongside the crown jewels of Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes. For an adventure on land as relaxing as the one at sea, settle into an estate on the island of Evia, where olive groves stretch from hill to shore.
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