The Sweet Life...

…the ancient mysteries of Machu Picchu the charm of colorful Inca markets, a canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, the highest navigable lake in the world, the tropical wonders of the Amazon, and the cosmopolitan cuisine of the coastal capital of Lima...

The Sweet Life…found in Peru, a land filled not only with ruins and magnificent landscapes, but also with friendship and hospitality. For those who love breathing the fresh air of the Andes, walking in the footsteps of the Incas and conquistadors, and joining in the Peruvian celebration of everyday life, look no further. From floating towns built of reeds to hiking to the Gate of the Sun, the Sweet Life awaits.

With just one phone call, Hellenic Adventures can plan your moment of paradise in Peru. Our Independent Travel packages offer itineraries you are unlikely to find anywhere else. With intimate hotels and knowledgeable local guides, we’ll take you to the known and unknown places of this enchanted country, with visits to museums brimming with masterpieces of the Renaissance, classical ruins, grand marble-clad cathedrals, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable journeys along spectacular backroads.

Some features of our premier service:

•Your sightseeing tours are private, not with an enormous tour bus of camera clickers, so you can have a conversation with the knowledgeable local guides. After an afternoon with your guide, you are sure to have made a new friend in a new land.

• We also provide you special touches that will make your trip so special, you’ll remember it forever. Welcome and Farewell gifts let you know, from start to finish, that we want this trip to be perfection itself.

• Each itinerary uses a variety of charming, small hotels, so that whether you stay in a five-star deluxe hotel or a three-star tourist-class pension, you know you have the best value in the area: high quality of service, central location, and special local touches. While other choices are available if you wish to upgrade or downgrade services, we feel sure you’ll find your stay was "worth every penny," as our clients are known to say.

• Travel with peace of mind. Our custom Preferred Benefits travel insurance includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage up to your full trip cost along with a full range of medical and baggage insurance. With coverage for terrorism, protection against third-party default, and waiver of pre-existing conditions, the only worry is how best to enjoy your freedom of travel.

All trips reflect the deep knowledge of Hellenic Adventures owner Leftheris Papageorgiou, who has journeyed to Peru to seek out the best, most unique places to inspire the visitor.

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"Top 10 Tours for the Thinking Person"
—Los Angeles Times