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Hellenic Adventures would be pleased to plan your moment of paradise in the Mediterranean. As experts in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Italy, we can suggest the perfect cruise to make all your dreams come true. With unique extensions you are unlikely to find anywhere else, your trip to the Mediterranean can include lovely locations on land as well as at sea. Explore Rome and Florence before departing from Venice. Bask in the golden wonderland of the Bay of Naples before embarking on your clipper ship near Rome. Caper on Mt Pelion with the Centaurs or witness the serenity of the Oracle at Delphi before departing from Athens. The possibilities are endless.

Want a pre- or post-cruise extension to further explore your starting place or end point? With intimate hotels and knowledgeable local guides, we’ll take you to the known and unknown places of these enchanted countries, with visits to magnificent out-of-the-way monasteries, classical ruins, and medieval streets, spectacular trips to awe-inspiring islands, and unforgettable journeys along spectacular back roads.