Hellenic Adventures is your premier travel source for Greece, Italy, and Turkey. Our tours and services stand out for a variety of reasons.

• First and foremost, our knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. Leftheris Papageorgiou (our company president who was born, raised, and educated in Greece) has enough pride, enthusiasm, and love for this part of the world to inspire anyone. In the last 17 years, he has driven over 70,000 miles in Greece, Italy and Turkey, looking for the best hotels, restaurants, and people to serve you. He has personally inspected each service that we recommend and his personal relationship with each of our suppliers assures you of the highest quality experience.

• We have made an effort to find lovely, small pensions and villas wherever possible for overnight stays and we prefer small family run hotels to the large international chains. We look for high quality services and amenities.

• In Greece and Turkey we can help you charter the sailing yacht of your dreams; and believe me, there is no better way to experience the islands and mainland ports than by private charter. In Greece, we can assure that you charter boats which are crewed by their owners…with owners as hosts, you can experience personally the hospitality of the Greek people.

• We are proud to have been the first company in the United States offering soft adventure in Greece. We feature a variety of off-the-beaten-path locations that offer opportunities for hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, or simple walking tours. At the same time, our ‘classical’ trips are anything but typical. We like to include special off-the-beaten-path spots in these trips, as well.

• Our small group Travels with Leftheris™ stand out on their own, and their unique features can be included in any customized trip

We pride ourselves on offering more than just a trip to these jewels of the Mediterranean; we trust that you will experience these destinations and return home with the glow of new knowledge and long lasting memories. We look forward to working with you to that end.

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