What’s your thing?

When you complete your travel survey, be sure to let us know what your passions are. Most destinations cater to a wide variety of special interests. We can help you find the way to see how your interests play out in a foreign land. We can assist you with any of the following:

  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Arts/Music/Galleries
  • Birding
  • Culinary Experiences
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Finding Your Roots
  • Historical Sites and Museums
  • Outdoor Soft Adventure
    • Biking
    • Hiking
    • Horseback Riding
    • Kayaking
    • Sailing
    • Skiing
  • Photography
  • Religious Tours
  • Romance
  • Spiritual Journeys
  • Wineries
Yacht Charters

The bookstore nearest us has four shelves on America’s national pastime, baseball—and six on sailing. (Sailing, we guess, is merely America’s national obsession.)

Picture island hopping on your private yacht, swimming in some remote coves, hiking, dining al fresco on deck, windsurfing, snorkeling, Aegean air warming your cheeks and a Mediterranean sun massaging your back. Envision friends who, a week after your trip, ask: “Done something to your hair? You look different.” You’ll feel it, too.

Hellenic Adventures is happy to assist you with yacht charters in Greece (Aegean and Ionian waters), Turkey (the Turquoise Coast), and Italy (the Aeolian islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily and Capri).


Bareboat yacht charters

Bareboats are smaller motor yachts or sailing yachts without a crew. In Greece, they must be less than 53 feet in length, as larger motor or sailing yachts must have a permanent crew. They may be handled exclusively by the charterer, or by a hired skipper and cook, if desired, and must be chartered by the week, generally from Saturday to Saturday.

Sailing yacht with crew

These cruise under sail with an auxiliary engine. They cater to the needs of the adventurer while providing for all the required comfort and necessities. These tend to be the larger sailing yachts as any sailing yacht larger than 53 feet is required to have a standing crew. These yachts may be hired by the day.

Motor sailers with crew

On a motor sailer, cruising is performed by engines with auxiliary sails. Many of these yachts are of the traditional Greek kaïki or Turkish gullet with their sails adding to the romance. A full crew is de rigueur for your comfort. These yachts may be hired by the day.

Hellenic Adventures would be pleased to plan your moment of paradise in the Mediterranean. As experts in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Italy, we can suggest the perfect cruise to make all your dreams come true. With unique extensions you are unlikely to find anywhere else, your trip to the Mediterranean can include lovely locations on land as well as at sea. Explore Rome and Florence before departing from Venice. Bask in the golden wonderland of the Bay of Naples before embarking on your clipper ship near Rome. Caper on Mt Pelion with the Centaurs or witness the serenity of the Oracle at Delphi before departing from Athens. The possibilities are endless.

Want a pre- or post-cruise extension to further explore your starting place or end point? With intimate hotels and knowledgeable local guides, we’ll take you to the known and unknown places of these enchanted countries, with visits to magnificent out-of-the-way monasteries, classical ruins, and medieval streets, spectacular trips to awe-inspiring islands, and unforgettable journeys along spectacular back roads.

Weddings & Honeymoons


Imagine a wedding in Santorini or on the Amalfi Coast…

You recite your vows in paradise, surrounded by shear cliffs and the sparkling sheen of the sea. On this joyous day, you feel at peace, because Hellenic Adventures handles all the documents and details, arranging for photographs, flowers, and a lovely wedding dinner. This leaves you free to enjoy your special day in all its glory. For the rest of your lives, you remember how your marriage began in one of the most beautiful places in the world, where sunsets clothe the cliffs in a golden glory that is simply unforgettable.

Even more important, these are only two of the many unforgettable places where you can join your lives together… what is your dream?


You want your honeymoon to go smoothly, and we take special care to make yours a slice of heaven. Your honeymoon will cater to your unique tastes, whether that includes the most romantic isles in Greece, including the paradise of Santorini, a private villa in Tuscany or some other magical destination. Spend your free time as you like: relax on a beach or drive through the enchanted countryside. Our expert guides bring to life the most important sites. Special meals and your hotels give a local flavor to a journey you will remember forever.